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Mark’s “Rant” for Fall 2019…

So, Don Cherry got fired by Sportsnet a couple of weeks ago!

Is there anybody in Canada or the hockey world who didn’t know that?

I doubt it, but the question I ask is WHY?

What exactly did he say that he hasn’t said so many times over many years previously without controversy and why this time did so many people decide to come out of the woodwork to condemn him and his comment?

So you ask, what was that ghastly comment?

The comment was, “You People” very clearly meaning all “you people” and not just specific people who didn’t purchase or wear Poppies to recognize the sacrifices of all our veterans serving in the military who fought and died in wars to preserve and protect our freedom and wonderful lifestyles which we all enjoy today here in Canada!

Don Cherry has done more than anybody I am aware of to support and create awareness of the hard and dangerous work our Canadian Vets have done for us all (certainly much more than our Federal Government) and we owe Don so much GRATITUDE & THANKS for his work in bringing their accomplishments to us all through his Coaches Corner broadcasts!

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Don a few years back and sat with him in his son’s SUV in the basement parking area of what was then, Copp’s Coliseum where we talked privately about his charitable support of so many things, but number one was our Canadian Vets!

That day, he was a gentle and passionate man and I really felt that I got to know a bit about him and even today, I still wish I had more time to continue that talk as he was an extremely interesting individual that we all could learn some valuable lessons as well as courteous respect that apparently “YOU PEOPLE” and you all know very well who you are, could and should learn too!

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