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Did you know Chocolate does NOT go bad??

All of us here at Advertech had a great Product Knowledge session about one of our favorite items here in the office... CHOCOLATE!

So many companies hesitate to use these as a promotional product due to there shelf life, but something many people don't know is that with a few rules to follow, chocolate does not go bad!

How do you keep your lovely product from expiring? Keep them stored in a safe dark place, at room temperature. As long as they are sealed and packaged properly and never get too warm or too cold, they will have a good self life! Now I am not suggesting to order a life time supply of chocolate, but do not be afraid to purchase enough for the year, as long as you have the proper facilities to store them.

Now.. if this chocolate is on a Cookie, it really depends of what kind of cookie its on. For the most part, its safe to keep them for 6 months to a year. Shelf life starts when your order is made, as the cookies are made to order.

Custom  imprints available!

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