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Tough Year! But we are pushing through..

2020 was a tough year from almost the start, and so far 2021 is proving to be just as challenging for most businesses.

Advertech Group is still here for all our wonderful customers, new, or long time business friends.

What have we been busy doing this past year of the pandemic?

Advertech has been busy supplying so many ranges of products, for so many needs.

PPE Items have of course been on the rise of needed items for so many of our customers.

From 3 Layer masks, Medical, kN95, Shields, Gators etc, we have provided so many of these for our customers and there staff to help keep them safe. *Blank or Branded with your logo!*

Now that the return to work is on the horizon for so many, a lot of employers are starting to think of 'Thank You' Gifts for there employees, and just as much there customers, for sticking with them through this pandemic loyally.

This could mean something as small as a water bottle, personalized with the employees names, a note book, 'work at home kits' or all the way up to fancy watches and electronics.

We are here for you to help brainstorm with your thoughts and budget, as small or large as it may seem, something is always nice to receive to show someone they are appreciated.

Be Safe!



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