Mark’s “RANT” for the New Year 2018…..

10 things that P- -S me off!

  1. People that interrupt a conversation by saying “sorry I don’t mean to interrupt but”

Yes they do!!

  1. Drivers that to not acknowledge by simply raising their hand and wave when you slow down to let them change lanes in front of you!!

  2. Radar traps in an area where there is absolutely no safety concern. They are actually a “trap” and “money grab”!!

  3. People on airplanes directly in front of you who immediately shove their seat back as soon as the plane takes off!!

  4. People in public places (theaters, sports events, restaurants etc) that have bad colds or worse, that are constantly sneezing and coughing!!

  5. Being “nickeled and dimed” on my bank statements!!

  6. Going on vacation and it rains every day!!

  7. Running out of hot water in the shower!!

  8. Receiving an invoice on the day after it is due!!

  9. Holding the door for someone and they march right by you without even saying thanks or looking at you!!

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