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Mark’s Rant for the Summer of 2019

This is NOT a political Rant, but it really will be a little political for some of you!

The Ontario Government is cancelling the “sweetheart deal” the previous government signed with the Beer Store that gave the Beer Store a ten year contract to continue to operate their monopoly throughout Ontario with the exception of allowing 100 or so grocery stores to now carry beer on their shelves.

This was a very strange deal for the government to give away this to the Beer Store’s foreign owners!

I wonder what they received in return for this “gift”?

One of the specifications in this “Sweetheart Deal” was the Beer Store were obliged to bring their retail stores up to standards and clean them up to make them a pleasant place for consumers to shop.

So, have any of you noticed how this is working after two years?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I find the Beer Stores absolutely disgusting and the only time I go anywhere near a Beer Store is to return empties!! I even find that process a disgusting 15 or 20 minutes! Most certainly these stores are not up to any standards!

Thank goodness for the LCBO who carry a wonderful selection of beer in an atmosphere that creates a pleasant shopping experience for their clients with lots of assistance throughout each of their stores!

Too bad the “Monopoly” doesn’t checkout the LCBO for some ideas!

That’s it for now!

Enjoy your summer and maybe I’ll see you at the LCBO sometime soon!

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