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Mark’s Rant for Early December

One of the most difficult things to do in life, whether it be your business or personal life is saying “goodbye”!

In the past, I’ve stood at too many grave sights and said “goodbye” to family, friends as well as business associates and each time I found it was an emotional and agonizing experience and I wished to be anywhere else at that moment!

This type of goodbye is not what my “Rant” today is about.

Today, I am writing about how difficult it is to say goodbye to groups and organizations that I have been passionately involved in for many years. Maybe too many years! It is something I have done several times during my business career and virtually every time I have had to make the decision to “call it a day,” the rational was pretty much the same, I had outlived at least in my mind, my usefulness. This occurs when your idea’s and suggestions are brushed aside, discounted or ignored.

Someone once told me that it’s time to depart when your suggestions and ideas are met with excuses and quotes like “well it is a Boards decision” or “we the Board make the decisions” and when you meet with those roadblocks, life is much too short to concern yourself and its likely time to move on!

I am a strong believer in involvement and active participation in whatever you do, however there will be a time when the frustration and disappointment will become exasperating and outright annoying.

I read the following quote today:

“You will know when you just have to walk away from things that just don’t align with you anymore” and sadly, today is that day for me once more.

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